Monday, December 6, 2010

Level Up!

Had another great sold out class this weekend.  Students and models were real troopers shooting out in the ice and snow.  Its so fun for me to see folks go from a deer in the head lights (inverse square law) to creating this:

Photo by Tiffani Perkins

The feedback has been amazing as well.

"Great class, Darin! You're a great resource. Thanks for being so willing to pass on your knowledge. Usually I can't sit still for classes, I must have a little ADHD or something! But your class was very engaging, clear, and concise. I took away a lot. Thanks."

"What a great weekend! Had such a blast at the Intro to Lighting class with Darin Warnick. I learned so much and looking forward to more! (thanks Darin!)"

"I would suggest that anyone who honestly wants to improve your photography skills sign up. This class will give you the skills to go to the next "Level Up". Thanks Darin for sharing your skills!"

"It was an awesome class and I learned so much. I really enjoyed it. You make learning fun and easy. I would do it again."

"It was great to see the effects of different lighting and get some experience working with different conditions. Majesta was fantastic model, too, handling all of the cameras and changes very well."

"I can't express enough how much I "Leveled Up". These are probably the best shots I have taken since I have started photography!"

"Great class Darin. Really enjoyed it, learned a lot. Gonna try to work on the "balance" thing."

"Enjoyed it all! Thank you for sharing so much!! Would you ever have a class on photographing a "product", like indoors? Or would I just apply what I learned today..using same lighting tools?"

"Thank you sooo much! I had a blast. :)"

"This was the most useful class! Any beginning to intermediate photographer should take it."

"I couldn't have asked more from that class. I learned a ton. You really have a way of explaining things that makes them sink in. Thank-you!!!!"

Heres one I snapped from this weekend.  

Thanks to everyone who has helped make these classes possible...both the students and the models!

Next intro class is Jan 15th and the advanced class is Jan 29th.  Limited seats in each, so let me know as soon as you can!

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