Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birds of a feather

I love shooting personal work.  Its a laid back way to stretch your artistic legs and try new ideas.  I know that photography is a derivative work and that sometimes gets me down.  So many others that have come before have done it way better than I ever will.  While checking the ol twitter feed the other day, someone said "There is nothing cliche in the subjects that we photograph, only in the way we photography them"  I think that keeps me sane and moving forward.  Here are a few from the other day. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Horizons Video

Had the pleasure of helping out Meg Borders with a personal project last weekend.  Shot some moving pictures throughout the day and put them together this week.  How will you use your talents to help others next year?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Level Up!

Had another great sold out class this weekend.  Students and models were real troopers shooting out in the ice and snow.  Its so fun for me to see folks go from a deer in the head lights (inverse square law) to creating this:

Photo by Tiffani Perkins

The feedback has been amazing as well.

"Great class, Darin! You're a great resource. Thanks for being so willing to pass on your knowledge. Usually I can't sit still for classes, I must have a little ADHD or something! But your class was very engaging, clear, and concise. I took away a lot. Thanks."

"What a great weekend! Had such a blast at the Intro to Lighting class with Darin Warnick. I learned so much and looking forward to more! (thanks Darin!)"

"I would suggest that anyone who honestly wants to improve your photography skills sign up. This class will give you the skills to go to the next "Level Up". Thanks Darin for sharing your skills!"

"It was an awesome class and I learned so much. I really enjoyed it. You make learning fun and easy. I would do it again."

"It was great to see the effects of different lighting and get some experience working with different conditions. Majesta was fantastic model, too, handling all of the cameras and changes very well."

"I can't express enough how much I "Leveled Up". These are probably the best shots I have taken since I have started photography!"

"Great class Darin. Really enjoyed it, learned a lot. Gonna try to work on the "balance" thing."

"Enjoyed it all! Thank you for sharing so much!! Would you ever have a class on photographing a "product", like indoors? Or would I just apply what I learned today..using same lighting tools?"

"Thank you sooo much! I had a blast. :)"

"This was the most useful class! Any beginning to intermediate photographer should take it."

"I couldn't have asked more from that class. I learned a ton. You really have a way of explaining things that makes them sink in. Thank-you!!!!"

Heres one I snapped from this weekend.  

Thanks to everyone who has helped make these classes possible...both the students and the models!

Next intro class is Jan 15th and the advanced class is Jan 29th.  Limited seats in each, so let me know as soon as you can!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bodie Bear

Went out with Kaili and her crew last week. "That is a sculpture of Bodie Bear...he was a family friend and the shop dog at my mother in law's business. He passed away last fall but will always be remebered in the community as a great friend."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tunnel Time

Working with Majesta on her senior project.  She needs a few more hours and so we scoped out a new spot last night.  Hauled all the gear down to an irrigation tunnel.  As in, all the gear.  Battery back, bee, speedlights, lightstands and a leprechaun for good measure.  Not knowing what we were getting into, I figured might as well bring the kitchen sink in case we needed it.  Pretty tight quarters to work with and could have pulled the intire thing off with speedlights, which I plan on doing next time we go.  Already have a new plan of attack for this spot.  But I think we did it justice for our first time out.  Heres a few from the night.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Date Night

Went to a show with Jenn last night at the Country Mercantile.  Came home and talked her into taking a few photos.

Full CTO in a 28" westcott apallo softbox. And actually I'm not really sure what the power was. I just stuck my hand up in the box and turned it down till I got the aperture I wanted. Shutter speed was 1/30th to balance the room light.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Location Scouting

Went out to scout a few new locations with the girls this week.  Found some great spots and snapped a few.  Two light set up.  Softbox and bare SB.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Umbrella Vs Softbox

In an effort to update the lighting tutorials, I wanted to show the advantage of using a softbox vs a shoot through umbrella. An umbrella is usually the first modifier most people get when they are starting out. They are cheap, fold down easy, set up quick and always give a round catch light in the eye. Real gorgeous light to boot. I really like the shoot through version vs the reflective type because of how close you can use them. Remember, the closer the light source, the larger it appears. The larger it appears in relation to you subject, the softer it is.

So why go with a softbox that is slower to set up, cost 5 times as much and breaks just as easily?

Spill control.

Heres an example.

Softbox on the left, umbrella on the right. Light going through an umbrella can come back into the lens and cause flare. You have be aware of your shooting angles and flash to subject distance.

Heres another example of light spill. That flair can rob contrast and sap color.

So why not use a softbox all the time and skip the umbrella? Well 28" vs 42" for starters. Yes, they make softboxes in all sizes, but not for 20 bucks! Umbrellas work great for lighting large groups of people as well as environments. Maybe you want more of the foreground lit. That's where umbrellas excel. They are like any other piece of kit, when used correctly they give a great result!

(side note-the light should have been placed lower in the image above. That would have given us a bit more light in the eyes. You can tell the position of the light from the shadow under her chin)

Now get out there and shoot! Just dont spill any light on ya!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah Session

Heres a few from Sarahs session the other night.

Is now live.  Its a work in progress but at least I finally got it up.  You can find more info on the lighting classes there as well as check out the latest work. 

I also put up a Facebook fan page, if you are into that!  Check it out:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kaelynn Session

Can you imagine getting your appendix out the day before you are getting your senior portraits done?  Kaelynn called me and said she had to reschedule because she had been in the hospital!!  So we set up a time to meet.....a week in it had only been 5 days since she was in the ER!  Crazy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Southridge Football

Worked with the Southridge football team last night. Booster club stuff.
Set up was 2 b800's at half power in front, 2 nikon sb's in the rear at 1/4.
Heres a set up shot.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kelsey and Steve

Had a great time this weekend hanging out with Kelsey, Steve and crew up in Moses Lake.  Heres a few from the nuptials!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Went out with Arielle tonight for our first session.  She did great and we got some amazing images.  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tara and Crew`

Went out with a friend from high school to do some family portraits.  Here are a few from last Friday.