Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Was Set Up!! ver 1.5

One more from last weekend. I started with one light as I usually do and shot a test exposure. Again, no light metered needed here. I can fire off a test frame and adjust from there.

After reviewing the first test shot I noticed the light on Rob was a bit hot and Stacy was a bit dark. With using one light, I needed to feather it a bit more to get an even exposure on both of them. So I brought it from 45 degrees around front a bit more and aimed it at Stacy. I was also loosing Stacy to the back ground with her black coat.

So I went inside and placed my second light on a mini foot stand and aimed it up at the wall to give some separation and depth to the photo.

You'll notice that my exposure settings were the same in the 2 photos above. By bringing the front light around a bit, I was able to even out the lighting on both subjects.

And here is the final image.

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