Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Photography Sites

My father in law got me into photography in 2001. My first camera was a 2.1mp Fuji with a 6x zoom! Loved that little camera and the colors it put out. Sold that one and got the Fuji s602 which I used for a couple years and learned a lot. Next up was the Olympus E-10 (first semi SLR type...fixed lens but it had a pentaprism) Then it was off to Nikon with the D70 and D300.

From tutorials, to inspiration, information and they are.


On portraiture

On lighting many many hours spent reading here

On equipment and reviews these guys have extensive camera/lens specific forums.

Video tutorials

Camera model specific/forums

Local sites

On post processing techniques/photoshop actions etc



I'll update this as I scour though my old bookmarks.

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